Personal interior advice

Looking for a makeover for your interior? Join kasstoor for premium interior advice at our showroom. From guidance on individual pieces of furniture to a complete concrete interior design with layout plans, furniture, and color and material recommendations. We address all your home-related questions, explore your personal style, and create a new interior where everything aligns. Schedule an appointment now via our appointment calender.


Why an interior advice at Kasstoor?

At Kasstoor, our team of interior designers are not just professionals; they are real high end design specialists with a keen eye for detail. We embark on each project with creativity and innovation, ensuring that your space becomes a testament to your unique taste and preferences.

Interior design advice in your style

Welcome to Kasstoor, your gateway to transforming your living space into a bespoke new interior design. Whether it’s your kitchen or living area, we attend to every detail, creating a space that authentically mirrors your style and personality.

What does the interior advice consist of?

  • Interior Advice (First Meeting)
    • Let’s meet and learn more about your design wishes for your new interior.
  • Basic Interior Advice and 2D Drawings
    • Perfect for 1 or 2 rooms
  • Premium Interior Advice and 2D and 3D Drawings
    • Tailored advice for exclusive service depending on the sqm of the interior space.

Interior Advice (First Meeting)

Would you like to translate your specific living wishes into a concrete interior design? Then choose our interior advice! In a personal meeting, one of our trained stylists will take the time to look at the space you want to work on. You will be provided with inspiration and creative ideas to put together your dream interior. We can advise you choosing furniture, colors and materials so that everything fits together perfectly.

Basic Interior Advice

In our “Basic Interior Advice,” we center our attention on your living needs. During a 2-hour consultation, share your wishes, ideas, and concerns. Our interior architects meticulously craft a clear interior and styling plan.

Starting from €950,-

Ideal when you:

  • Are moving or renovating and seek a well-prepared plan.
  • Need to infuse a fresh atmosphere into your lovely house.
  • Struggle to find comfort in your current interior.
  • Seek balance in your home or need assistance in forming a cohesive picture.

Premium Interior Advice

Choose this package for a comprehensive interior plan tailored to your needs, including layout, basics, furnishings, and styling.

Starting from €2300

Ideal when you:

  • Want a thorough and well-executed plan for high-end furniture and a stylish home.
  • Are moving, with questions about furniture, layout, and possibilities.
  • Bought a new home and need guidance from a floor plan.
  • Plan to renovate and need a strategic design.

This is how it works

  1. Book an Appointment via our appointment button.
  2. Share your ideas before the meeting.
  3. Receive a confirmation via email depending up on your request
  4. Book a second intake meeting.
  5. Post-meeting, receive a tailored plan depending on request with Moodboard, Color, Material Plan, Styling Plan, 2D Layout, Flooring, Window Dressing, Furniture, Lighting Plan, 3D Visuals, and Custom Furniture Drawings.

When you make a furniture purchase totaling [X amount], you have the exceptional chance to redeem the equivalent value towards our expert advisory services.